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04 Jan

What happens if u sniff temazepam

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As naive as this sounds, I didn't find out suboxone could be sniffed unitl yesterday . Yep, they sure can be sniffed, and that's the ONLY way I do mine. I think it What happens if u sniff temazepam .

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Can you snort Temazepam to increase the general affects? ChaCha Answer: I checked some forums and people have advised against snortin.

Benzodiazepines Questions including "How long does Ativan show up on a drug screen" and "What is quanapin used for"

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I wouldn't suggest it. I have tried temazepam a few times, never did anything for me. The last time I did temazepam, i snorted 30mg temazepam, 4mg clonazepam, 3.5mg .

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As naive as this sounds, I didn't find out suboxone could be sniffed unitl yesterday. Needless to say, I

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